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I am struggling with this MK8. I can not keep this thing extruding. I have tried different retraction settings from 1mm to 6mm. I have tried just un-spooling a handful of filament (so its not having trouble pulling off the spool). I can get it to lay down the first few layers beautifully and next thing I know it starts under extruding and then quits all together. I am starting to build the second of three machines (so hopefully I can see if its just a flaw with this one in particular or what). I am unsure as to how tight to set the tension spring. I have tried keeping it finger lose, finger tight and slightly beyond finger tight. I do not think it has anything to do with the tension as I know there is a decent bit of play for this and I do not feel it is biting too hard or too soft at this point in time. I am at a loss (although, I am printing the e3dv6 attachment to give it a go with an e3dv6 clone).

I was hoping someone could offer some advice on other things it could be. I could take a video to show exactly what happens but basically it lays down the first few layers really well, starts to under-extrude and then quits extruding all-together. I am just running though some makergeeks pla at 230c (as said it runs beautifully for the first few layers).

Only other question I have at this point in time is there some setting to change the z-axis movement just prior to printing. I can tell it to print from SD card, load my gcode and let it heat up. Then just before it prints it homes (nice and slow) then the z-axis jumps up – way too quickly (skipping steps fast) and then slowly starts its descent to the build plate. This quick Z-Axis skipping is causing my ‘home’ to lose its ‘home’. I am just not sure what this is called to change it in the firmware.

Thanks again and sorry for all my struggles. Hoping it helps someone else out along the way.