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What firmware are you using? Mine shouldn’t move too fast, unless maybe you are using small stappers, But I have 42 on one of them and the cnc steppers on the rest and they all work fine, What is your z axis driver at, maybe a little higher. If you are using 8mm z screws you need to turn down the acceleration.

Do you have a clogged nozzle? have you ever heated it above 260, this will ruin the PFTE liner and cause issues. How fast are you printing?

I print at 1mm retraction maybe 235 on the maker geeks, I have horrible luck with it, 30mm/s. They might have sent you the wrong thing I have gotten abs labeled as PLa, and raw instead of silver.

Try a different filament, Hatchbox has been by far the most consistent I have ever used and extrude it at 198 on all of my MK8’s