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I am using your newest firmware. The MK8 came from you all nicely wired and thermal pasted up. I am using the same steppers as the CNC machine calls for (As I bought them for a second CNC but used them for this printer build). I have the stepper driver for the MK8 at .62
I am using RIYIN T8 L300mm (ones you have linked from Amazon). So if the acceleration needs to be turned down where do I do this, lol.

Nozzle flows beautifully for the first few layers so I do not feel it has anything to do with being clogged. I have never run it above 240C (which was what I first ran it at when trying the petg filament – as this is what my monoprice select mini worked well with it at).

As far as speed goes I have everything set for 25-30mm/s

I will definitely try some other filament… I have a roll or three of hatchbox around as well.

I am still curious as to whats causing the ramp in speed when raising above the bed prior to printing. I am sure its a firmware setting somewhere I am missing…