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@jason The higher PWM resolution is better suited for higher powered lasers that burn at lowe percentages of full power on some materials. Still, I can see where it would help with an image like your dragon. Any image that doesn’t have too many shades of gray to begin with AND has to be run at less than full power may benefit from higher PWM because it will allow you to burn at less power while still keeping all 256 shades of grayscale resolution. One thing I noticed last night is whether I set federate at 1000mm/min or 3000mm/min, my machine appears to move at the same speed. I think the acceleration settings need to be bumped up to allow increased speeds due the tiny incremental moves that are being made when engraving. I used to laser etch much more than I have lately so I’ve forgotten most of the observations and adjustments that I’ve made in the past. The test burns I did last night were with default settings on newly flashed RC Marlin so I didn’t take time to tweak my acceleration settings for raster engraving.

The modified PWM Marlin firmware that I was running a few months ago was a much older version that didn’t have some of the cool additions featured in the current Marlin RC version. I’ll try to apply the same patches to the current version and I’ll definitely share with you if successful. One thing I DON’T want to do is put myself in a position where I have to support something like that so you’ll need to accept under those conditions:) I’ll keep you posted.