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I’m not sure if you have any 3D printer experience, unfortunately this isn’t the best “1st printer”, If you are looking for a (in my oppinion, perfect) 1st printer, the prusa I3 is amazing especially for the price, . Mine is very simple to build if you have used a few printers and have a basic understanding, Twelepro has put up a ton of his build pics here, I also have some pics on the project page,

In your email you asked about the differences between the printer and the CNC. The printer is just a quick project I put up and it is just a printer, it does have a quick change head but no attachments have been made, yet. I made it because I was not happy with the inexpensive options out there, and needed a handful of printers to make cnc parts.

The cnc is a whole different animal, it CAN print but I wouldn’t really call it a printer…I guess, not really sure. The cnc is a great printer if 200mmx200mm is not big enough for you.

If that didn’t help maybe a little info on what you plan on doing with it?

As for prices, you can get everything cheaper. Amazon is just easy and fast.