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right now i just dont have a ton of money to wrap up in a 3d printer. i was thinking of a budget of 400 to 500 dollars.

basically just want to learn and practice 3d printing. i like how the cnc could do other things later on but it would be too big right now for the limited space i have.

im an engineer student and would like to make stuff for projects and personal enjoyment and dont need a large build area.

a friend had built your cnc and he uses it alot. he mentioned building the 3d printer you made as my first but after reading your post about it it seemed like you were 100% happy with it and i just want a good first printer so i can enjoy making things.

is there another diy printer you would suggest instead of yours that would be a good first printer or would you go with the prusa i3 kit you linked to?

whatever suggestions or help you can give a first time 3d printerer i would greatly appreciate it. i have a nasa project im working on and could really use a good 3d printer to make some stuff for it.