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Okay, I think we are on the same page now. I must have worded that wrong, I love the printer, I built/designed exactly what I wanted in an inexpensive printer (an modeled it after what I think is a perfect printer, the prusai3). I made it as universal as possible so if you can scrounge some common reprap bits it can be really cheap. You’ll see most of the builds are actually rebuilds of crappy machines into the MP3DP. You might have seen some of my other posts, and yes, after running 3 of them for months 24/7 I do want to change some things. I am actually printing round 2 of some new prototype parts. You’ll see when you graduate, every single thing you do work on has compromises and constraints, one is always time. If/when the new printer is done most of the parts will fit, as of right now a few dollars in screws is the only hardware/electronics difference besides the frame and printed parts of course.

In summary, haha, If your friend has built the MPCNC he can easily help you if you get stuck on printer assembly it is easier to build. I like it, give it a try, if you don’t like it The parts will fit other kits. Since your buddy has a cnc he can even cut you a frame, save you some money (allthough to be honest I buy mine from twelvepro now because his are cheaper than I can buy the raw material for and I don’t have to spend hours cutting parts).