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Geoff Brown

If it was who I think it was (I know you don’t want to name names), then I have read terrible reviews about them. I got mine from a reseller here in Canada. The printer has shit bearings and fans that had to be fixed but the place I got it from has been great in that regard. This is my first printer and it seems the main thing I have really used it for is for printing parts to make it better (z braces, cooling shroud, etc). This is what drew me to your project.

I don’t think I will be using the MPCNC as a printer but I will keeping an eye on the MP3DP for sure. I am interested in seeing where you go with it; if it is scalable, I would be interested in making something with a larger build area. I think the best would be to mill some aluminum for the frame using the MPCNC.