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so i got most of the parts in and started assembling the milled/3d printed printer from your site, but i have a few questions.

1) you have listed 16 screws to be used on the steppers but from the pics and the parts i have i will only be using 12. where am i miscounting? where are the extra screws used.

2) is the zip ties the most effcient way to connect the belt on the printer?

3) how tight should the belt be on the machine?

4) i bought the sd card reader device off your site and was wondering does using it have any limitations compared to using a laptop to run the 3d printer?

5) what is the best slicer program you use for the milled/3d printer? i have looked at a few to try but they mention to use the one that the person or company suggests goes with their product for best results.

so far the assembly is easy and without trouble. just waiting on a few parts to contine and finish.

thanks again for your help. have a good one.