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Alvin that looks awesome, well done man. I have built two of these guys exactly the same and am having issues with the MK8 as well. What type of problems are you having? I can replicate it on both machines. The only thing I can get to print fully is a calibration cube. Otherwise, it never fails what slicer I use (slic3r, cura and matter control) or what settings I use for retraction, speeds.. It constantly ends up pulling the filament up out of the throat of the extruder.. It is crazy it starts to under-extrude and then quits entirely. I could save it if I was to watch the entire print and re-thread the filament through but… I have tried with maker geeks pla, hatchbox and ulitimaker… I give up on the MK8 (too bad I have 4 of them lol).. I am waiting on my radial blower fans to come in the mail so I can give them a try with a bowen tube setup. Anyone else have the ‘magic answer’ as to what the heck I am doing wrong? I plan on breaking down an MK8 and using the stepper and mechanical side for the E3DV6 so its not a total loss…