Reply To: Instructions for the Prusa i3 3d printer

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hey ya’ll,

thanks so much for yalls help. i just have a few more questions before i get done building the 3d printer:

1) is there a better way to connect the belt besides the zip ties? ill use the zip ties for now but didnt know if there is somehting you can buy that can connect the belt better.

2) i think i overlooked the need for 4 drivers and the kits for the board on the parts list only had 3 on it. so if i buy the 4th driver, where do i connect it at on the board?

3) the quick connectors on the site for the steppers, they are just made for the steppers to quick connect? is there other quick connects you would suggest to make the wiring easier?

4) best wire to connect evertyhing else up( like power supply to board and such)?