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So this question is to any who may be doing mirrors…

I was watching some YouTube videos about engraving mirrors and it seems they burn all the “mirror stuff” right off. Mine seems to leave a semi transparent sparkly sandpaper looking texture after the engrave.

Now is this the laser just doesnt have to juice to get it all off or do I need to slow it down. I have been running at 1800 mm/min. And I bumped the Current on my laser from 1.7 (as per @leo69 awesome instructions) to 2.0 since the DTR website show my laser can handle about 2.5 or 2.6A. That seemed to maybe make a small difference but hard to tell visually.

One type of mirror from Rona (the ones in the pictures) engrave pretty good. But I bought 12″ x 12″ mirrors from IKEA and the do not engrave nearly as good. The backing on the IKEA mirrors is a lighter shade of gray. Could that be the difference? They are really cheap mirrors (the IKEA ones)so I would be surprised if the coating is thicker.

Just looking for ideas that I may not have thought of… Really starting to contemplate a 60 – 100 watt CO2 addition. I am loving this laser stuff lol

Edit: Wonder if the G2 lens would be worth the money for the increased power.