Reply To: Volcano hot end


James Donnelly

I spent a few hours working with different nozzle sizes and different settings, and found that the limit for me seems to be printing at 0.6mm layer height. I got this calibrated fairly well with the 1mm nozzle. From my experiments, some of the issues with going higher are around cooling. Airflow needs to be increased in keeping with the volume extruded on some parts.

I found the XY compensation to be unnecessary. I tried it and had a big gap around the bearing hole. Printing without it, the bearing was snug, just as when printing with the 0.4mm nozzle.

My part has a bit of PLA curl, once I get that fixed I’ll put up the pics

I printed the Z-Lower part in 0:37, compared to 1:45 at 0.26mm (same infill), so it’s promising to save some time. As for strength comparisons, if there are some specific tests I can do, I’m willing to try. I have all kinds of hammers and vices to torture with!