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I’m in a similar boat. I’ve looked up the bits that I have for the required feedrates, chip load, etc.

As an example:

– Onsrud (40-100 series) 1/8″(3mm) upcut 2 flute bit,
– Cut depth same as bit diameter (3mm),
– Chip load for softwood .005-.007 (use .006),
– My router is 20-24krpm (use 20krpm),
– (Feed rate) Inches Per Minute (IPM) = RPM x # of cutting edges x chip load = 20000 x 2 x .006 = 240 IPM
– 240 IPM x 0.423333 = 101.6 mm/s

At .005 chip load this would work out to 84.67 mm/s and at the high end of .007 it would be 118.53 mm/s.

I’ve tried it and it’s very fast. Are people following manufacturer specs for bits or are they slowing things down intentionally? What is recommended?