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I second Ryan’s advice on this. Experience and testing are key factors. Once you have done some testing you will know what a good cut sounds like. Personally I do not follow the suggested equations for the tools just for the fact that I am not comfortable with my machine moving that fast. I use Fusion 360 a lot and really like it. There are some settings that are mentioned in the first post that either don’t matter (Spindle RPM) or they are calculated based on some of the other inputs. I would only worry about:
Cutting feedrate
Lead-In feedrate
Lead-out feedrate
Ramp feedrate
Plunge feedrate
Here is what I do for Pine:
1/8″ Up or Down cut 2 Flute End Mill
Depth of Cut: .1
Cutting Feedrate: 35 in/min
Lead in and out feedrate: 13 in/min
Ramp and Plunge feedrate: 13 in/min
I have a Dewalt 660 and a speed controller and I am guessing that I am running it at about 16k – 18k.

Let me know if I can offer any advice for Fusion 360.