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I’ve tried a couple of vector line drawings so far. Converted to gcode using dxf2gcode and then wrapped the toolpath using Scorchworks gcode ripper. There are some issues to overcome on the CAM side. Marlin set-up is easy since it’s just another axis steps/mm configuration but most CAM software will only allow Axis selection of ‘A’ or ‘B’ for rotary and there is no ‘E’ option which is what Marlin uses for the extruder.

This can be dealt with by either:

1) Editing the wrapped gcode and replacing all A/B axis moves with E axis moves.
2) Minor Marlin firmware edits to treat A/B axis moves as E axis moves.
3) If you have source code (Scorchworks gcode ripper source is available) then modify that to produce the E axis gcode.

Another issue is with Scorchworks gcode ripper. I’m sure there are other non-freeware solutions but I’m trying to use open source tools wherever possible. Anyway, Scorchworks is crashing when trying to wrap laser raster engraving gcode. It probably has something to do with the tiny, incremental moves involved with this type of engraving but haven’t had time to debug and patch. Haven’t tried cutting any wood on the rotary yet. I can’t think of anything that I’d want to make just yet but leaning toward a totem pole.

Other tools that can wrap gcode about a rotary axis are CNC wrapper and Vectric Aspire but these aren’t free.