Reply To: Backwards paths, and movement away from origin before start

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“I can’t answer questions about the estlcam board controls. I use marlin.”

Sorry to be confusing I am using marlin I was talking about the “Texts” options under “Setup/CNC program generation” in Estlcam, is that not something I need to even mes with? I did not import my gcode from Estlcam into Repetier, just put it on the SD and in the machine.

“The origin is where the head is located when you turn on the arduino. When you try it out you will see it is easier than endstops. Zero is exactly where you put the head.”

Exactly the info I was looking for (and what I was thinking) thank you

Here is a pic of my stepper connections (extra drivers are going to be for dual extruder, eventually):

I was able to get this out of it to show of to the wife:

Just would like to not have to flip the image in Estlcam, and wondering why such long travel on start, it traveled at least 3-4 inches from the start to the closest point on that engraving, seems kind of unpredictable I would have thought it would have started exactly where the origin is in Estlcam.