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I would agree that information can be hard to find and sometimes a little confusing in the way in which its presented. However this is a huge project and documenting all this would be a nightmare for a single person, so no one blames you haha. You’re doing a great job all around. Personally, I think the entire site needs reorganized. The site now seems to be all over the place. For example look at . I feel like they have an excellent layout and wouldn’t be a bad thing to emulate. The first thing you see is about the project. Create a brief and general overview of the MPCNC and maybe even the MP3DP if you’re choosing to pursue that. From there you can expand out to a parts page, assembly page, shop, a completed projects page (and projects made with the MPCNC), and finally a support with FAQ and forum page. As a side note for the FAQ, I would like a section on how to change the voltage of the stepper drivers and what to do if your print comes out upside/backwards (flip the stepper connectors to fix this). I found these solutions on other websites, which is no problem, but the more consolidated information on this site, the better.

As for the assembly section, I think there should be a section titled “Things to know before you start” or something along those lines explaining the conduit sizes, materials, end mills, 3D printer requirements, and pro/cons of each choice, and finally what is suggested to start with, etc, and finally links to the part files on thingiverse. Next you can explain that you can either buy from your shop or source their own parts. From there you should have to select what version you are assembling off the bat to avoid any confusion and make it clear that the V2 is the current version with the majority of documentation. Again when it comes to me, I love diagrams. For example this one is great ( If the entire assembly process had diagrams like this, I feel like it would make assembly easier. If you choose to take this route, I’d rather see longer pages that users can bookmark and walk through rather than a bunch of individual sections. The forums are great for finding information but ideally you don’t want to make anyone search through them to find an answer they’re looking for. In a perfect world all their questions would be answered in the assembly/faq section.

Lastly I would like to see more information for what to do after its built. For example the materials you can cut, the settings for those along with the end mill and speeds, etc. Also the laser addon, plotter, dragknife, and any other addons.

I know this is a lot of information and am only trying to help. A whole site rework would be a mountain of work but I know there would be people willing to help. Maybe you should mod some trusted users that could help update some FAQs/ news section. Again this is an awesome project and appreciate everything you’ve done this far. Hopefully I gave some useful feedback.