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Jay Johnson

Hi Damien,

That looks like a pretty good list. Alvin is correct, the J Tech Laser kits all come with the laser driver, laser, goggles, and power supply. Additional goggles are recommended if you want to have a friend in the room as well. Here are some answers to your questions and a few additional comments:

– The precision of the laser depends on the laser kit you buy. The higher the power, the slightly larger the laser spot size. Each pixel will be converted into a laser “dot”, so the resolution is based on the laser spot size. Here are some typical spot sizes for our lasers:
1W 405nm : 4 MIL = 0.004″ = 0.1 mm = 100 micron
2W 445nm : 8 MIL = 0.008″ = 0.2 mm = 200 micron
2.8W 445nm : 9 MIL = 0.009″ = 0.23 mm = 230 micron
3.8W 445nm : 15 MIL = 0.015″ = 0.38 mm = 380 micron

Remember it can be slightly smaller than this because it is up to your ability to focus the laser. We put in a little cushion in the spec here based on the fact that some people will not be as good in focusing. We can actually get our 3.8W laser down to under 10 MIL (0.38mm) with a proper focus. For more information on the differences in the lasers check out this page here:
J Tech Laser Product Specifications

– As for the height for the laser focus, our lasers are set to 3″ from the shop here. You can have a good focus anywhere between 1″ and 3″. Above 3″ then you will start to not have the ability to focus the laser to the minimum specification. For more on focusing check out this:
Focusing Your Laser 101

– For the power supply, we recommend using the included power adapter with the laser. It provides a clean and tested supply of power to the laser. Using ATX supplies with the laser has the potential to destroy the laser as it produces incredible voltage transients at the start up that can get around the protection included in the laser driver. These ATX supplies are built very cheaply without concern for current spikes and high voltage transient suppression. If you want to use a single power supply for the system then we recommend using an industrial supply that has protection from transients. These include supplies made by MeanWell and others.

Please feel free to contact us directly for any questions you have before, during, and after your build!

Best Regards,