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Chris Scott

I’ve tried all manner of loosening and tightening on those 4 bolts with no success. Though thats not to say It wouldn’t work if i could get it right. I do need to give you some more info though which has just occured to me.

When i first made the machine early this year it was the old design and the conduit I had which was supposed to be 25.0mm turned out to be undersized at around 24.7 – 24.8. The machine was sloppy, and unuseable. Time passed and the new center came to light so I got the 25mm beta models from you and printed them. Bought some new rails which are alittle over 25.0mm, around 25.2.

My side rails were good, solid contact with all bearings and so I’ve never changed them they are still the original undersized steel conduit. The moving rails in the middle X , Y and Z are the new ones. Is it possible that this difference between the stationary side rails and the moving ‘carridge’ rails of around 0.4 – 0.5mm dia has put a twist in the center assembly?