Reply To: New build (Melbourne)



Okay good news (and some annoying news).

As you can see by the pictures, I got all the motors installed and locked down.

Z motor/shaft also completed. In this I used the Universal Mount plate.

However I found the V2 F plate was to tall, and the spots for the bolts did not match/align up with the hole spacing in the Z pipes (75mm) so I used openscad and modified the STL, printed it (in transparent PLA) and it aligned perfectly (as you can see in one of these pictures). This upgrade plate (both new STL and openscad script can be found at universal Mount MPCNC model F.

Next item was I really (all prop’s to the creator of the MPCNC), but I have had a real problem glueing in the M4 nuts in the Z axis nut trap from the original design. either it doesnt line up with the hole, or the glue didn’t bond and screwing the bolt in, just pushes it out.

So I went and designed a different one (also as STL or Openscad) for the Model F, this with a friction based sliding cover to trap the nuts in (also pictured below half un-slid). This can be found at MPCNC F NutTrap with cover

Anyway. Its all screwed down fast, and slides REALLY smooth.

In One of the photo’s you can see a rectangle in pencil on the spoil board and a small part of the side runners. This is the work area of the MPCNC when it is hitting the max area. I just put a pencil in the dremel mount (the grey printing item in the universal mount) and dragged it around at the max points. Easy.

And now for the annoying news. Today I went to attach the GT2 pulleys I got a month ago, only to find they were 8mm bore, not the 5mm for the Nema 17 motors. So while I can use the 8mm bore pulleys in another project, I had to send off an order for another set of 5mm pulleys. 🙁 as such I cant do anything more until they arrive.

Anyway. So far all is going well.