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Ok, Some delays that just got cleared up here. I needed clevis connectors for the piston in the injector. I tried making them locally and they were just crap, so I found a them in china for $2 each.

The heater block has undergone a few revisions. I got a CNC router medium duty grade that is awaiting the spindle (delivery tomorrow) and then I can machine out the last final heater block/melt chamber.

I decided to stick with the lasered steel/CNC bent frame vs cast or some of the other concurrent designs. The steel frame seems to the the strongest and lest amount of flex along with the simplest to manufacture.

Couple more days and the last bits machined, paint applied and then its some more testing and photos/video.

Looking at $300 for the machine plus shipping, and first batch ready 8 weeks after close of campaign.

I have production capacity to handle several hundred in house, if it goes past that, I have a job shop locally that can take on the extra work load.

I bought a second CNC router this week, to handle machining tasks as well.

It will ship as a knock down kit to save on shipping cost. its simple to assemble, just need 12mm and 13mm wrench and a phillips screw driver.