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Vicious1 – I will take a look, but, it says it only reads HTG files, which i take it are height topography type files. So, then i would have to convert the TIFF to HTG, and if those are only 8bit gray scale, that would limit the height to 256 levels. 16 bit TIFF files can have 65k levels of depth, giving a far smoother result.

I know Aspire will do it, but, not going to shell out $2k for just that. I have seen some links to older programs, and either the sites are gone, or the programs are missing dll files i haven’t found yet.

Yes, there is always ye’ ole ways of the pirates – but, i’ve been trying to keep a clean ship lately… I am fine paying the 50-60$ for Estlcam – it gets the job done and isn’t priced outrageously too high. Christian deserves earning income for his time. But, 2k or more for a program… prices like that is what keeps the pirates busy.