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You’re right, I apologize, I correct it right away

My Mpcnc is self-built so I did not buy anything from your site, also because of customs duties.

The CNC is version 525 with 23.5 tubes, the same as planned, as electronic use an Italian board Alligator 32bit with Italian MarlinKimbra modified firmware, which has the same characteristics than normal Marlin. I use the value indicated here

Use endstop NC on all axes and set my zero” with G92 X0 Y0 Z0 ..

Tonight see also post a video of the problem.

However everything seems to be due to the movement of step motors, which in the movement to 280mm / s Estlcam causes the wobble tool

the problem appears to be larger if it moves up if it goes fast is not very noticeable … but you see gt2 belts vibrate very