Reply To: PLA WARP


James Donnelly

Other parts were fine, but I went through some trouble with the xyz part lifting at the edges. I don’t have a heated bed, so I needed a solution for a room temperature bed.

I tried sanding the blue tape, putting hairspray on the blue tape, printing on kapton, sanded kapton, sanded kapton with hairspray, glass with hairspray, and they all failed. In fact they were all slightly worse than the blue tape.

So I went back to some fresh blue tape, but being lazy I didn’t clean the hairspray from the glass first. There were a good 3 coats on there. This time I got my best part yet with no lifting at all.

I’ve printed 3 times on the same blue tape now, and the surface has none of the bubbles I’ve seen before where the PLA lifts the tape. Maybe the glue on the tape holds better to the hairspray than to plain glass. So I’m going with the idea that adhesion of tape to bed is as important of PLA to tape.

Maybe heating your bed to 45 is giving you more PLA to tape adhesion than you need?