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I have no idea how rigid this thing is going to be. I need to hurry up and try it out.

I was pretty close this morning to something I could start printing but I changed my mind.

Attached is a little teaser, the correct idlers are in the mail so no making fun of the backwards toothed idlers.

It’s looking like I might just put up a barebones version and some “mods” that are optional like a cover for the part in the picture. There are a few parts that don’t need covers but really might look cool with them….or at least a little cooler to me. I did have some covers made for the MP3DP though, I just never released them.

So I am either pretty close or it is as rigid as jello and need to start over… Current/last issue (I hope) is the clamping to the table. The sliding clamp thing I have in there might suck But I do not like using springs, but I have some other ideas if it comes to that.