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I have definitely put some though into it. Originally I had dismissed it but I was hogging out some maple on Monday and man did that stuff bunch up everywhere, those little chips add up quickly and make a mountain,.

I feel like I’m giving away some of the big surprise here, When/if it’s all done you guys better still act surprised…haha

I have the vacuum attachment already that should help a lot. Like this, If that isn’t as good as it looks, there is plenty of room to build it directly into the mount. Big giant flat mount table. We should be able to shape the collector a bit to get real nice suction where we want it.

If it works well standing up, there won’t be too much of a problem for the people using it that way. I’m guessing you will always need to start at the bottom and always have it return to origin in your CAM so it doesn’t crash do to gravity.

My big idea was to use 1″-1.5″ angle iron (if they sell 1.25″ that is spot on). It think this is a good idea either way, it’s cheap. The wheel can ride on a smooth rigid surface, it would help support the table, give you somewhere to butt the material up against and protect the wheels, and it should shield the debris from the wheels. If you get the screws close to the corner, you wouldn’t even drive on them. I am still unsure how much “clamping” pressure is needed to clamp to the table. I assume gravity will do most of the work.

Sweeps are super easy, great idea.

I also need to figure something out for the vac hose. I have a crazy elastic kind of idea. Who knows if it will work. Maybe some sort of drag chain type skeleton for it. It would be cool to run the wires inside of it since I doubt the chips we make would be large enough to be abrasive. Now that I think about it the way some of you use that aluminum angle to sit your drag chain on would be super easy. A hose channel…that could actually make it more rigid…hmmm