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This is one of those days it is so bad ass to have these tools. I have loaded the 3d printers up with new parts and I’m about to fire up the cnc router. I will have a complete set of prototype parts in a few hours. Uninterrupted development, is pretty cool. At my last job I would send out the parts and put the project aside and work on something else until they arrived. Then have to get back in the groove when they arrived. This is exactly why I designed the MPCNC…

Sorry, It’s just cool in my opinion.

I have a solid Y axis (the one that drives in this orientation), 95% of the z axis, roughed out x axis. I need to test out the Y to see if it is sturdy at all before I get any further. Cross those fingers….LAst night I was convinced It would not work, I have no Idea why but looks good so far.