Reply To: 32 bit Upgrade to Ramps!!



We are not really processor limited on a ramps. The only wall we hit is steps per second(calculation max) on the z axis but if we go any faster we will lose all torque anyway. I guess the easiest way to break it down is we do 2D math with each step, and really only 2 axis at a time, x and y move, then the z steps up, and x and y move doing a trig angle formula with each step. Even with bed leveling on on a 3D printer it is 3 axis but still basic math, no problem.

When you run a delta you are simultaneously doing 3D math on all three motion axis at the same time. Way more calculations. Even then the ramps is fine, its the guys that feel the need to push the speed of there deltas way up, The overclockers if you will. I am not a delta fan so I do not know what the speed limit is on a ramps but I do know we are in the clear by a far margin. Don’t quote me on this but I think the TinyG is the only board running a 4th motion equation on each axis so they need a bit more power, Maybe. We have linear accel, the tiny g has s curve accel…nice…