Reply To: 32 bit Upgrade to Ramps!!


James Donnelly

Well, the E3D folks claim prints with big layer height not only print faster volume wise, but have greater strength.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I switched to a volcano, and started printing all my parts with a layer height of 0.6mm and a layer width of 1mm.

I finished my prints some time ago (rest of work delayed by house move), with a total time of around 28 hours, and they are insanely strong. When I take for instance the XYZ part, and try to twist it hard with both hands, at 0.26 layer height with a standard nozzle, I can hear the cracking sound of delamination. With the volcano printed part, it is clearly more rigid and resistant to this shear force.

The the most plausible claim I’ve heard is that wider layers give greater inter-layer bonding. See this video from 7:48 for a semi scientific test of layer adhesion at different layer heights.