Reply To: Print seems to be shifting



Yep seems as though it was either that or my wiring from the gantry going up was binding in certain spots. I built this thing as a first ever printer with lofty goals of being able to just hot swap it all for a CNC router, Laser, and 3D printer. I had no idea what I was doing lol. I built it with a work area of 30″X30″X10″. I have played hell with stability and to date my largest print was 6″X6″. My X and Y pipes are 34″ long with my feet being 9.5″ tall. I do believe that I will be shortening the X and Y down to 20″ while leaving the Z tall this weekend. It is truly locked down and prints quite well even at this size. But I will never use even 50% of its potential. I think a build area of 16″X16″X10″ will be just fine and I am betting will vastly improve my stability and allow for faster prints. I will be building a larger and much lower one in the near future to use exclusively as a CNC router for woodworking. I can say this has been a great learning experience and I am totally blown away by the support you have shown in responses and emails. You are a Great dude and your product is amazing!!! Keep up the good work.