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OK i am going to give this a whirl. I dont have a pic of the last time but i will get one the very next time.

Did it move on the same axis every single time? I believe so

Did it move at the same exact height every time? It seems to be at 7 MM every time. that or very very close according to calipers

Have you changed the size of your machine yet? Not yet. it is still at 31″ on the X and Y

What are all of your speeds in your slicer? See bottom pictures

What slicer? Matter Control and Repetier

Have you tried another slicer? Yes Repetier

What temps? 230 for Filament (Matter Geeks) and 40 for the bed. Have tried numerous plus and minuses of 5 degrees.
What materials? PLA

Do you models have overhangs that usually are the culprit? If your test prints printed fine it sounds like a model issue. Some things do not print well. Try printing some mpcnc parts, we all know they print well. The One MPCNC part i printed did well. I will try a few others. I dont think it is a model issue as I have printed them many many times and sometimes they print fine and sometimes not. I printed a Filament spacer (the one pictured above) 22 times. 6 shifted. the rest are perfect.

Did you change any of the drivers voltages at all? Do you have a cooling fan on them? No changes (too scared to try that) and yes I have your ramps box with the fan at constant on. (its in the picture)

Using the wiring harness? Yes from you.

Using the 525 parts or previous? All newest parts

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