Reply To: 6W Laser


Joao Simoes

Hey David,

Good stuff! I am only starting with CNC laser 3D print etc.

I am baby stepping and wanting to do it right. My trade is architecture so I know how to use a scalpel and glue but all this technology is very exciting to me!

In the past Ive built a couple of guitar amps and other wood/electronics stuff for myself and I manage to do it right!
BTW you are the Sigil Pickups youtube man right? 😉

I am about to buy the laser and thank you mr Allted for your linking me with those friendly people from Opt lasers

They have the aluminium holder attached and when I bought the MPCNC I selected the MK8 extruder mount. Can this mount be of use?
If the extruder mount is as the one pictured in the second attachment, can the aluminium mount work within the wholes from the Z axis thing?