Reply To: 6W Laser


Joao Simoes


So I ordered only the laser.

I’ll now start to see how things go together:

1 – The PSU is 12v 30A 120/220v so I guess it will be ok for powering everything up

2 – I would like to run the extruder and the laser from the MPCNC ramps board – an possibly keep both offset mounted at all times

a – so including one driver slot for the mk8 style extruder (total: 1X; 1Y; 1Z and one 3D print) I think one driver slot will be let free.

b – Can I use the free driver slot to control and modulate the laser output? seems like often opt laser uses PWM signal for spindle control to achieve this. The signal must variate from 0 to 5v to make it possible to go from 0 to 100% output from the laser.

3 – I am going to use Fusion 360 from autodesk. Any Ideas, help with this?

In the end I hope to get all this information compiled and possibly with pictures so that everyone that tries to steer this path has a quick and easy process… Hopefully!

David are you after this analogue modulation also? You seem to be much more competent that me at this stuff, If you could share your ideas and you setup later on it would be most appreciated.

‘night everyone!