Reply To: New build (Melbourne)



Firstly – Can some one move this to Builds and Things Built forum, since I don’t seem to be having any problems getting started.

Secondly – Its alive! ALIVE!

will post video link shortly (just transcoding and up loading) but I got the new pulleys put the belts on, (ahh had to mod the tensioner from thingiverse) and wired up the ramps board, tuned the DRV8825’s, made up some Quick and Dirty series splitter cables (for X/Y), flashed the firmware, and plugged it all in.

And it worked first time. … 🙁 but I think my steps per XYZ (I changed them from the mpcnc default) are wrong.

But it still works, using the LCD I moved it up/down, left/right and forwards and backwards!

So next is the proper wiring.