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So I took a day off and went table idea shopping. A table approx 10’x6′ is huge. I hoped to make something and just stand in up on end in the garage but that is just so big. I need something to start testing with. For now I just need it about the right width to see if flex is an issue or not with only two rails. But If I am going to build a table it might as well be the full one. anything can be build to come apart or in half or whatever. but still the lighter the better. It can be thin skinned because there should not be point loads on it. So we just need to long side to have nice edges to guide and roll on, the rest is just supporting a sheet of wood. I am going to suggest a removable spoil board. Here I can get a Styrofoam house insulation sheets in many thicknesses. Probably the best option.

I came up with
– A steel stud filed torsion box. The kind used in walls. Super light, cheap I think they would work great except the only ones I could find are 3 5/8″ Leaves little room for a skin and I really don;t want to go over 4″ thick.

– Build a regular torsion box out of very thin material and spray foam or Styrofoam fill it. I am trying to find these prebuilt construction walls that are foam filled and covered in plywood. I have a friend in construction I’ll give him a call today.

-Doors do not look to be a good option, they would need to be cut, I am assuming as soon as you cut them the structure would be compromised.

-A cool one was a 20′ extension ladder. That gives you 2 10′ aluminum frames pretty cool and some of you might already have one. Then just some minor frame to hold it all together.

-Or some sort of bracket system to hold 3 or 4 “Y” pieces at 10’long and 8-12 “X” pieces 6′ long. This would be good for people like me with no room. This would take the longest to set up properly but would break down the smallest.

-I can weld myself a nice table that bolts together but doesn’t help for people that don’t have access to a tig welder.

-Vertical still takes up a considerable amount of room. I don’t think it will fit in my short garage, but need to find a way to test it for you guys. The way it is designed so far it would have to drive up, if you made it drive sideways all the pressure would be on one side…all bad.