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David Anderson

You’re right, must have been the cut speed and depth of cut!

I ran the same gcode with a pen and the work surface raised about 3/4 inch. Overall dimensions within less than 1 mm when accounting for the 1.5 mm offset on either side because the gcode was built for a 3.0 mm diameter end mill. I recalculated the gcode for engraving along the center line and used a 0.5mm pen. Overall dimensions both X and Y within less than 0.75-1 mm short and circle was right on.

I need to learn patience! I’ll dial back the speed and cut depth per pass and raise the work surface even more.

Do you think 20 mm/sec is reasonable with a 1-1.5 mm cut depth per pass or should I reduce the speed/cut depth more? I’m using a 1/8 inch end mill I purchased from your Store.

As soon as I get the speeds correct, I’m back to making my 5 yr old daughter a four string “medieval lute.” I have no idea if it will actually sound like anything but she’ll have fun making “music” with it!

I’ll post pics when done

Thanks for an awesome tool!!

Oh, for the record I built it out at 30 x 30 inches so about a 19 x 19 inch work area. Z-axis is 7 inches from work surface to bottom of lower gantry rail