Reply To: 6W Laser


Dave B.

Yeah, I’m the Sigil Pickups guy…and StuntMonkey Pedals, RaptorFPV, Full Impact MMA, Bowes Digital…. I have a lot of hobbies 😉

Okay, looks like you’re going to run a 3D printer and laser from the same machine; are you going to do a router as well or just the first two? It’d be possible to do the laser and printer in one but as vicious1 said, it’d be better to run them separately… BUT I understand the appeal to have them both on for ease of switching.

I’ve been eyeballing Leo69’s offset laser mount and thinking it’d be handy to do exactly what you’re thinking. Here’s the link;
I was going to modify his mounting bracket to fit my heatshink but have decided just to keep things separate for now and use the Hicwic universal mount for each (link If things go as planned, I’ll probably make a second machine for the laser anyway.

Also, be sure to follow Leo69’s tutorial on this forum and the main site homepage on how to set up a laser with the PWM/TTL, I’m learning as I go and it’s starting to make sense the more I look at it.

Advice (like it or not!!): Get your printer running first and then start designing and making parts for the other stuff as you see fit. Once you have the printer running, you’re ready to take over the world!! Then start thinking about tackling the laser.