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Dave B.

I’ve decided to do step one first (cutting things), then move on to step 2 (burning things with lasers). Step one involves getting some boxes cut!

Today was a big day… My 1×6 Spruce proved to be worthless for these boxes; too green and split after it was machined down to dimensions. Yesterday I hit Windsor Plywood where they have all kinds of exotics and amazing lumber…but pricey. I found a warped stick of Bloodwood at 1x6x7′ at a 20% discount in their offcut box. Good enough for me. I wanted Purpleheart but they were out; this stuff was pretty nice looking!

Scary enough, I read up on it when I got home and it’s listed as 124.81% harder than red oak… not sure what that means but I know Oak is hard so didn’t know what to expect. I also noticed I can change direction of cut in Estlcam so I did a few things to see how it would turn out as I went. Total Noob pics ahead…

First Pic, I was cutting across the grain and getting these weird pronounced ridges. Tool too dull? I could scrape them off easy with a fingernail so thought maybe it was just dust getting thrown down and sticking in clumps? I really don’t know.

Second pic shows changing the cut to go with the grain. The cuts were much cleaner off the hop but the… sawdust? was coming off in long stringy threads. Is this bad? Looks awful and I needed to clean out the trap in my Dust Boot once along the way, but no noticeable detriment…

End(ish) product… Wow! I used the square edge (back side) of a utility knife to scrape the ridges clean. This turned out perfect! The pic is of the bottom half of a pickup box I’ve designed in Sketchup for some special run sets, I still have to cut the top then use my laser to burn my logo onto the lid. I also played around with holding tabs and messed up on the second box so it let go and got a nasty scar in the side when it moved into the path of the DeWalt. I have a master power switch so it wasn’t a total loss; it’ll be my demo box for product shots.

Only thing left after the top and laser is to sand and stain. This wood is amazing and bloody heavy.