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Dave B.

Mark this one solved…

I was at 40% stepover and running at 15mm/s with 1mm depth cuts. I slowed it down with the LCD knob to 70% FR but it kept doing it so bumped back up to 100%…definitely a perpendicularity issue.

I was cutting the lid for my box so got to playing around with the setup… Lifting the weight of the shopvac hose + attachment eliminated the extra line/cut. I’ll be revisiting the setup and removing the extension but think a hook on the Top of the Z axis anchored in the tubes should hold the weight off the shoe. Having the suction turned on keeps the hose in place well enough.

Here’s how it turned out! Bottom left you can see my hangup when my holding tabs failed (user error in setup)

Fits like a glove! Needs some finish sanding and stain as well as Laser logo addition. I never even thought about how I laid down my board but it seems I had the finished side up… Live and learn for next time!