Reply To: RC Brushless spindle motor



I thrown some numbers at G wizard and it recommends 33k rpm and 8mm per second for a 3mm single flute carbide end mill in aluminum.
FSWizard says 38k rpm and 25mm per sec.

Both seam very high spindle speeds.
Im not sure I would feel comfortable with those sorts of speeds on a home built spindle.

This page gives 9000rpm and 7.5mm per sec using 0.002″ per tooth and 300 sfm.

That’s massively different!

Im gonna aim for a max speed of between 10 and 15k rpm.

If I find something like 5000rpm works well, do you know if there are any issues with running a brushless motor at half its max speed for long periods of time? Excess heat in the speed controller for example.

I think im gona go for somat like this.

At 12v i get a theoretical max speed of 13,200rpm.
And has a 5mm output shaft, perfect for a gt2 pulley if I choose to use one. (Still need to do some reading about belts pulleys, not sure how a gt2 belt will cope with 13k rpm!)

How do i know what the power draw is for one of these. It say 36A for a 3s cell, but I assume that’s only whats draw at the given speed for the given prop.