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Your welcome, it’s fun for me and hopefully for all the users!

I think you are asking questions that will answer themselves when you use it.

I think you can see why I can’t/don’t give you exact numbers to any of your questions (it will always vary, machine size, material, bit sharpness, machine flex, experience, weather, planetary alignment), and you can’t tell me how accurate you need it (your not sure what a good dovetail actually takes, I am sure you have just always made it as perfect as you possibly can). I think you will find for wood working (depending on size it is) it can be much more accurate that you are used to. I have to cover my ass and assume you or anyone that reads this is expecting .00001″ precision/accuracy. I can tell you at first with wood working it will seem slow, cutting 6′ at 3″ depth on a table saw only take 30 seconds….it would take forever on this relatively. When you learn what this is best for (different in each users case) it will be awesome.

I think you might want to check out some 3D stuff first. Stuff you couldn’t really do by hand. Imagine carving a face in each corner of a picture frame. The frame is going to be faster to build with other tools, but could be cut with a cnc. Then you can drop it in and carve 4 identical faces in the corner of the frame, something you can’t really do by hand even if you had all the time in the world you wouldn’t get them as perfect to each other as the cnc will. Or like you said some crazy joinery, but it you are going to make 10 boxes with a bunch of 6’finger joints you might just want to cut the template with the cnc and use a hand router to do the production work much faster.