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Yeah, the Ozitos with the 3-yr warranty are the most affordable tools locally. Not sure I can justify a Makita or Bosch. Don’t forget to have a look on Gumtree, it is pretty good for 2nd hand power tools if you don’t mind used.

I already have a dremel, and I found a tool mount for the 525 on Thingiverse, so that’s what’s printing now.

The tubing I found at Bunnings was a fairly stiff, 1.6mm wall galvanised steel tube; I bought the 1m lengths to fit in the car, it is marginally cheaper in 3m. I’m pretty sure it is 25.4mm.
Some others have mentioned chrome rail, which is a bit more expensive but is spot on 25mm and smoother. That might be a good choice. It is more flexible.
I found the seam inside the tubing makes it harder to debur and limits where the nut traps can go on the Z assembly, also I had to re-scale the nut traps due to the thicker tubing. I bought an Aldi 2-speed mitre saw recently and the supplier (Scheppach) was very helpful supplying a blade suitable for steel (at the slower speed), maybe not the best saw but good enough and very affordable.

RE cabling – I ordered a few header connectors etc online, but found that I could re-use the ones I trimmed form the stepper motors, they fit better that way too. I ended up using a shielded 4-core cable from Jaycar for the cabling, and some printer filament to stiffen the cables that pass through the gantry tubes to keep the cables out of the way of the gears. I only needed 2m or so of cable, as I salvaged cable (and plugs) from some of the steppers.

My biggest remaining issue (apart from the deplorable state of the Australian cricket team) is software, I’m on a mac and haven’t found a good free option. Fusion 360 might be the only one without buying Parallels and Windows. Probably cheaper to find a cheap PC!!