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Sorry, I got side tracked for a few days.

I spent all day Saturday, and Sunday trying to come up with a easy, cheap, light, straight/flat table.

Since it is going to serve as the major axis the quality of your table will directly influence your final product. Printrbot’s idea of using it to cut it’s own table is cool, I wanted to avoid that though. Welding/bolting up a quick aluminum table is ideal since wood is not easy to get and keep straight at 10′ lengths. The hard part about designing a flat pack table is I have no idea what thickness of wood is common throughout the globe. Ideally you want tight joints and different thicknesses does no allow for that. So I might just leave the table up to the user. Metal really is the way to go for this.

The reason I was talking about cutting the doors is size, they are 80″ tall various widths.

I have a almost everything I need for my first test cut, except the table….