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I thought we were trying to stay cost effective here. i still don’t see the need for a full 2′ of extra space. if done right you should be able to put get by with <10″ oversize. I mean the current mpcnc really only loses about 6-8″. mdf can be acquired in 9×5 sheets and 10×5 if you really wanna go that big. and I get the allure of using a full sheet of ply, but in reality you only need to be able to do 4×4′ or 3×7′. because unless you intend to route out an entire door (which would be pointless). us you are only trying to maximize the consumption of the material by not having to cut it into any unusable pieces. or at least they minimal amount of unusable pieces. there comes a point where the whole thing is too big to reach across, which would force us to build some sort of standing unit anyway. sand then we’re back to needing a giant piece of something, and trust me, making a reliable table out of 3 doors isn’t going to be what you think it will. doors are not as flat and true as they appear. and they definitely don’t have any real strength when layed down, so you’d still have to fortify the table supports. a piece of 5/8 or 1″ mdf will be the closest thing you find, affordably, That will be anywhere close to consistent on its thickness and you’re still gonna want to kill down the workplace. now the idea of a mesh table out of some type of reliably straight stock would be great, but then you’re looking at an $800 build just for the table, and that’s assuming you can weld it yourself.