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Well good morning…I think this last little discussion shows what I have been going through, in my head. Probably talking to myself out loud with lots of cussing at lumberyards and hardware stores. At first it seems easy then you pick up a door or the nicest 10′ beam and see that they are not very flat/straight. Sorry to say it right now it is a hard problem. Well, let me rephrase, it isn’t an easy problem with common tools, I need to find a solution for the fancy tool challenged folks.

A conduit table would be cool, with the 90 degree parts I have on thingiverse, that would be 200 screws and nuts to hold together the 5piece by 10 piece grid you proposed. It could work and really might be a very easy solution. I like this idea.

So at this moment the current design needs an extra 6″ at each end, and 4 inches on one side 6″ on the other (the router is offset to the side for dust collection).
so a 9′ x 4’10” table would work. The kicker is of course not to go any wider than you need….rigidity…length doesn’t matter as long as its rigid, and flat.

Oh, and the edges serve the purpose of keeping it going in the right direction so they need to be decent and fairly true/straight and still 3.5-4″ thick at least along the 9′ edges where the wheels ride.

I really hoped I could find some nice 9′ 4×4’s and just bolt something between them with a few 4’10” pieces of allthread (minus a few inches for a little counter sink) and call it a day. Actually….