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Me and you Walter….we see eye to eye…I agree with you on most of it, I Think I can speed it up faster than a day. We’ll see.

I don’t see myself utilizing a full sheet cutter, but I can make one (I think).

The cost so far is similar the MPCNC bundle of hardware, just different bolts, and some wheels. Depends if I need to add a 6th stepper. The printed parts are easy, just pricing milled parts will be tough. For you guys you will be able to print and cut your own parts but for me to sell a kit pricing will be tough. Unless this full sheet thing works, then maybe I can bang out a full kit in 15 minutes, who knows. So far I think 15′ or so of stainless rail.

Still this thing could be jello once it is all assembled. So Either I am almost done, or need to redesign most of it, who knows. Wondering if I started talking about it too soon, could be a total flop.