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Franz Maier


my spindle is working fine until now. I have processed mainly carbon plates up to 3.5mm with 0.9mm to 3.0mm end mills, with spindle speeds of 20k to 30k rpm. My brushless outrunner has 1330kv, so with 24V I reach up to 30k rpm.

In the meantime I worked on my MPCNC

– wired the x- and y- steppers in series and modified the Ramps to 24V. Max save Z-speed with M8 thread is 15mm/s (did not increase x- an y- because 195mm/s in more than enough)

– did some stiffness improvements (see images)

+ new middle Z
+ strut on steppers
+ struts on legs
+ steel inlay gt2 belts

– aded a dust extraction system via the two middle z-axis pipes

Dust Extraction in action