Reply To: MP3DP step by step



9th image: Teo steps in one picture! 🙂 Assemble the Y axis rod holders and put the bearing in as the pulley for the front belt return. I have the return inverted to show the bearing.

10th image: First thing where I’ve said ‘this should be different’, the mounting nut for the upper mounting screw doesn’t have enough clearance on any side to allow a wrench to fit. I don’t think it was a structural decision, just not thinking forward to assembly. My little screwdriver jammed in place to hold just enough to tighten. I could have also have put the screw in from the other side, but that would mess with the esthetics.

11th image: Looks like I missed an image here, I should have shown the rear belt mount/stepper mount. I’m showing the belt mount for the table here, from the bottom so you can see it’s alignment. If you try to install it on the wrong side it will not be square to the table.

12th image: And here is the table right side up. No need to actually mount it. I expect we’ll deal with that at the same time as mounting the heat plate.