Reply To: MP3DP step by step



13th image: Install two of the LM8UU Linear Bearings on each of the outer two parts for the X axis and four bearings in the center slider for the X axis.

14th image: Right side of the X axis with the rods only partially through. This allows you to slide the center in before connecting to the left side.

15th image: Finished installing the X axis rods. Note I had to do some tapping on the end to get them through, not so much because it was misaligned as that it was nice and tight.

16th image: Another two step image. I installed the XZ frame with the four screws to the side stepper mounts, then installed the top mounts for the Z axis rods. It looks like I’m missing the two printed pieces that tie the XZ frame and the right and left sides! Dang, I thought I had it all. 🙁 Luckily I should be able to continue on tomorrow with only a bit of structural integrity missing and put those two in later, there is enough flex in this acrylic to allow that.